Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8th, 2013
I have been going through some of my art inspirations and came across a couple that I have hung on to for years.  I re-read them over and over.  So, I thought I would share them.

Fashion Designer Eileen Fisher, by almost any standard, Eileen Fisher was an immediate success. In 1984, with $350 in the bank, she showed four of her clothing designs at a show in New York and $3000  in orders. Three months later she received $40,000 more. Today, Eileen Fisher clothes, high quality, simple comfortable, are found in major department stores as well as 32 shops bear her name. In 2003 her company had $154 million in revenue. "Yes, I'm successful,"  says Fisher, 54," but, I've only considered myself successful for the last 6 months ." Huh? "It's about not contorting myself to meet the approval of others."

Georgia O'Keefe " I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught."

There are so many more, but these have really stuck with me, risks and following your passion, your way.

I started my portrait drawing class, it's great! It's feels so good to be drawing again.  Remember to make this a creative day!  Peace, Susan

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 4th, 2013
Happy Sunday!  I am looking for that sunshine this morning, hiding behind all those grey clouds. Need my sunshine!
I signed up yesterday for a portrait drawing art class, hoping it will get me motivated to start painting again!  I have painted and sold my work for over 30 years, but got stuck and can't seem to get going again.  So, I think taking art classes and renewing my passion is the kick in the butt I need.
I am excited, today is Oprah's Super Soul Sunday!  I love her shows on Sunday, they are so diverse and inspiring!  And now Soul Pancake is on for an hour each Sunday. Check them out. they are awesome. Rainn Wilson who stars on the  sitcom Office is the creator of  Soul Pancake. I love what he said during his interview with Oprah about "Creativity is prayer".  I so resonate with this I feel closer to God ( my conception of God, Love) then at other time. Color, shape and form awesome.  Just look outside, look at the trees, the sky, the animals, nature in the faces of your children and grandchildren, God is the ultimate artist of life! 
Today do something to inspire your creativity, take 5 minutes to read, doodle, sing, dance, tell an original joke or story! Be free with your creative spirit, share it with others, it is a gift and meant to be shared.  Makes the world a happier, fun place! Peace

Friday, February 1, 2013

Susan Hargroves paintings

I love Color!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny Art Day!

Good Morning!
The sun is shining, warm and inspiring.  Today is the first day of my blog.  I am checking out art schools. Yep, 62 years old and thinking about going back to art school!  I watched an old movie yesterday with a older woman who gave up her dream of going to Italy and studying art in Florence.  She took care of her family and did all the 'right' things that were expected of her in her era.  She saved a little money from her grocery budget each week until after her family was raised, and then she left to follow her dream to Florence, not knowing anyone or where she would stay etc.  It was awesome and so inspiring. That old saying you are "never to old to follow your dreams!" 

Have an awesome inspiring day, find a way to put some type of art in your life today, read an art article, doodle, paint, dance, sing anything even if only for a few precious minutes, Enrich your creativity! Peace.