Monday, December 15, 2014

Sacramento's Artist D.L. Thomas showing his portraits at KVIE Art Gallery

In October I stopped by the Archival Framing Gallery to check out the art show, 'Any Resemblance ' by locally, nationally and internationally known artist D L Thomas.

A fantastic mosaic wall installation of matted, unframed 9"x12", acrylic on paper, amazing portraits of 81 famous painters, sculptors,writers, composers, and well known figures in art history. Thomas stated about his installation, "A key element of the piece was that it could be read in a comic book fashion."
The exhibition is a museum worthy artwork piece.

Thomas states, he chose the 81 portraits at random. They were a mosaic meant to be seen as a single, albeit composite  painting. In executing these portraits there was the risk of controversy in personalizing the faces of so many cultural heroes. The primary intention to each was esthetic, the idea, an individual likeness was a secondary concern. Most images are taken from extremely small black and white photos. The final assembled piece was a cross section of cultural history ranging from the 1400's to the present.

The one I found the most compelling was of Thomas's twin brother, Dean, which he had just lost to an illness. It was highlighted and framed apart from the mosaic wall installation . It was a beautiful tribute to his brother.

D.L. Thomas is accomplished artist, well known for his large abstracts. Thomas has been a part of the local art scene in Sacramento for many years.

Thomas has many colorful stories. about sharing an art studio in Sacramento with another local well known artist Tom Witt.
I especially enjoyed the story, he told about painting such a large canvas, 6'x 6', that he was unable to get it down the narrow hallway stairs to the outside. So he and friends, had to lower the large painting out the upstairs window with ropes to the street. While they were in  the process of lowering the painting, a crowd gathered across the street, at the Caesar Chavez park. Mostly consisting on homeless and passersbys.They began cheering them on, it became quite a event! The crowd cheered and clapped as the painting was safely brought to earth. The crowd became part of the artwork.

Thomas has an art studio in Old Fair Oaks and one in this beautiful villa in Le Sahuc, France. His wife, Vicki and Thomas bought an old farm house, he said was falling down at the time, 1967. They began  restoring it in 1974 and are continuing the restoration to date. They spend their time between the two countries. Thomas has studied and shown his work abroad in many countries.  His intention was not to live in the Sacramento area, but to live in France, which he did for 5.5 years. He stated, "France is a country where sheep and wine are Kings". European countries have an affinity for artists,unlike the United States.

When Thomas's family moved to the Sacramento area, it brought him back.
Thomas and family owned and operated the Le Sahuc Gallery from 1969 to 1978, at 18th and L. The gallery became a conduit with both Universities in the area.Thomas's wife Vicki had become involved with various programs in the gallery and this is where they meant. Thomas and D.R. Wagner, Sacramento Poet, created a well known arts newsletter, Inside Art.  It was conceived as an attempt to have artists write about their art. It contained reviews about visual arts, poetry, music, theater and dance.

Thomas has been involved in the Sacramento arts scene in many ways, for many years. He was a founding Board of Directors member, of the Center of Contemporary Art, he then became the Chair of the Facilities for the Center. He was a member of the Visual Arts Committee. Thomas has been nominated for the SECA Award.

D L Thomas is represented by D. Oldham Neath, Archival Framing and Gallery. To purchase and see these and other artworks by Thomas, please contact the gallery and visit the website.

The KVIE Art Gallery will be showing a sample representation of the larger Archival Gallery presentation, January 5- March 6,2015

The KVIE Gallery invites you to an Artist's reception celebrating the works of D L Thomas
January 15. 2015, 5:30-7:30pm, 2030 West El Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA

This is a show not to be missed!!!!